Hi, I’m Claire and welcome to my little (growing) site, CleaningMentor.com.

Whilst I can’t take credit for the design of the site (thanks, hubby), all the content has been written by me. You see, I’m a clean-freak and it may be sad, but I genuinely love to clean. I’m not the OCD type where I don’t let people into certain parts of the house or let them sit on certain seats, but I like to keep it in good order.

I’ve actually been in the industry for pretty much all of my adult life, working for a series cleaning companies, from domestic, industrial and also commercial. One of my latest jobs was working with a large cleaning solution company as part of their product development team, something that I never thought I would have done in my younger days.

Whilst I’ve been so grateful to be part of the industry, life has taken over. The arrival of my baby girl, Layla, saw me take some time out to look after him. My need to work hasn’t diminished though, but goals have been altered.

I decided to set up CleaningMentor.com to stay active within the industry and also for something to do in the (little) downtime I have around being a mum. Little did I know that it would turn into the site it is today.

Affiliate disclosure

Making money from CleaningMentor.com was never something that I set out to do, but as the site has grown, it’s allowed me to open doors that I didn’t realise that were there.

As a result, I do include affiliate links on my site, mainly to sites like Amazon. Basically, if you click one of the links and buy the product, I get a percentage of the sale. It’s not a lot, around 3% on average. So, if you’ve picked up a £5 bottle of bleach that I recommended, I’d get 15p!

The money keeps the site ticking over. I’ve used or purchase the vast majority of the products tested so the money is basically recycled into that, although it only covers a fraction of the true cost of what I spend….but let’s keep that to ourselves 🙂

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I like to be honest. All my reviews and product recommendations are honest. If something is rubbish I just don’t include them in my articles. Nothing is ever perfect, so I also highlight the bad things as well. I will stress that I am under no obligation by any manufacturers or Amazon for that matter to offer favourable reviews. Also, you don’t pay any more for the product by clicking my link than if you went direct to the site, the affiliate money comes out of their side.

So, if you liked what you have seen and want to support the site, I’d be very grateful if you were intending to buy, to click the link for the product that you want and purchase away. Or, just have a browse, either is good with me.