How To Clean Quartz Worktops

Nothing looks better than a brand-new sparkling Quartz worktop. It has a finish just as beautiful as natural stone but is far easier to care for and maintain, just as my guide on how to clean quartz worktops will explain.

A combination of natural quartz stone and man-made resin, the lights and grain of Quartz surfaces can really bring your kitchen to life. As well as being beautiful, Quartz is exceptionally hygienic due to the non-porous nature of the hard resin that is used to make it.

With Quartz, you don’t need to bother with anti-bacterial treatments or oils to preserve moisture resistance. An array of finishes mean that you can find a Quartz finish that will fit in perfectly with your kitchen design and if cared for properly, your worktops can easily outlast the rest of your kitchen.

But, this kind of countertop doesn’t come cheap and that’s why you’ll want to keep your work surfaces looking as good as new and free from smudges, stains and fingerprints. Quartz can last a lifetime when cared for properly so I’ve put together my guide on how to clean quartz worktops with some handy tips so that you’ll love your Quartz countertop as much in twenty years as you do today.

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Daily Cleaning of Your Quartz Worktop

The good news is that a high-quality surface like Quartz is very easy to maintain. Quartz is an extremely resilient material and it doesn’t stain or scratch easily. However, If you do spill something that has the potential of staining, it is advisable to clean it up immediately.

Wiping down your worktops regularly with a mild detergent like Rejuvenata – Stone & Granite Cleaner using a soft cloth is enough to remove the dirt and debris from everyday use. As well as getting rid of smudges and dirt, this product contains an invisible sealant to help retain the non-porous properties of your worktop but there’s an important step that many people neglect.

For a high-shine, brand new looking worktop, you really need to remove all traces of detergent. If you don’t, you are almost certain to see streaks and smudges from soap and chemical build up.

Simply rinsing down the surface with a soft cloth soaked in water and drying it off thoroughly will restore the gleam of your Quartz.

Always use a soft cloth to prevent scratching. Microfibre cloths are ideal as they are absorbent and perfect for polishing. You can purchase these in most home stores and supermarkets but buying in bulk onlinewill usually get you the best value.

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Deep Cleaning Your Quartz Countertop

There are times in life when our kitchen worktops can really take a battering. Christmas, in particular, is a time when my kitchen really sees a lot of action. Rich sauces, cooking oils, alcoholic drinks and meat fats can really take their toll.

At times like this, you’re probably going to need something a little more heavy duty to clean your Quartz countertop. Please don’t ever be tempted to use an abrasive scouring pad or brush as this is likely to cause permanent damage.

Likewise, ensure that your worktop is free of anything that could inadvertently scratch it during cleaning. I know somebody who seriously damaged their Quartz countertop by scrubbing while there were small bits of lobster shell on the surface. These left tiny scratch marks behind which in time became stained and discoloured and the worktop has never looked the same since.

For heavy duty cleaning, my go-to product is Bar Keepers Friend Power Cleaner Spray. Bar Keepers Friend easily cuts through grease, limescale and dried on food and you can use it all over the house.

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My one caution with this product is that it does have an unpleasant odour so although it is very effective, you’ll only want to use it when you really need to. Open your windows, and keep the room well ventilated when you are using it. It’s also wise to remove children and pets from the room.

How to use Bar Keepers Friend

  1. To use Bar Keepers friend, shake the product well, spray down your surfaces with the foam cleaner
  2. Rub with a soft (microfibre) cloth to distribute the cleaner on the area you wish to clean
  3. It’s important not to leave the product on your Quartz surfaces for long as doing so could cause dullness or make the worktop more prone to staining and discolouration.
  4. Rinse off within one minute of application. I find that it’s better to work on one small area than to try and do the whole surface in one go.
  5. Ensure that all traces of the cleaner have been thoroughly rinsed away and dry off your countertops with a soft cloth for a sparkling finish.
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Removing Light Stains and Discolouration From Your Quartz Worktop

Although Quartz is tough, there are times when staining can and does occur. Certain spices and food colourings can really leave their mark on your surfaces.

If this happens, please don’t panic.

Turmeric, tea and wine are notorious for ruining kitchen finishes but you can simply and easily remove these and most other stains without any long-lasting damage to your countertop.

The number one rule with Quartz is to avoid abrasion. Put away that steel wool and remember softness is king here. Because Quartz is non-porous and extremely hard, some Quartz worktops will tolerate a diluted bleach solution, but long term it is better to avoid harsh chemical treatments.

Leaving bleach or bleach residue on your quartz countertop will damage the finish and that’s why I prefer not to use it at all.

You can use a simple and safe 50/50 solution of vinegar and water which will remove gentle staining without any negative impact on your health or the environment. Although Vinegar has a slightly unpleasant odour, you’ll find that this disappears quite quickly after cleaning.

If vinegar isn’t working but you don’t want to resort to chemical cleaners just yet, Unika Granite & Quartz Worktop Cleaner does an excellent job of removing small marks and discolouration without damaging your surface or polluting your home.

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Simply spray a small amount of the product directly onto your Quartz worktop, rub with a soft damp cloth to distribute the product and rinse away. As always, for a high shine finish, thoroughly dry and polish your countertop afterwards with a microfibre cloth.

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Removing tough stains from your Quartz countertop

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes things go wrong in our kitchens. Bottles leak. Cans rust. Pots bubble over and hot pans can accidentally end up on countertops. If there are kids in your life, paint, ink and all kinds of non-kitchen related substances can potentially end up anywhere.

With Quartz, cleaning up spills as soon as they occur will make it much easier to avoid marks, but what happens if you don’t see that stain in time?

For permanent ink, rust or food colouring that’s been left sitting for a while, you are going to need a specialist stain removal product like Bar Keepers Friend Multi-Surface Stain Remover Powder. This product really is a miracle worker and will remove almost any stain from any hard surface.

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There are two ways of using this stain remover powder:

  1. Apply a small quantity of powder to a soft damp cloth and gently rub the stain. With a bit of luck, you should see the stain lift immediately.
  2. If it doesn’t, you can mix the powder with a small amount of water and make a thick paste. Apply this paste directly to the stain and leave for a couple of minutes. You can rub it gently with a cloth and Hey Presto! Your stain will have disappeared.

As with all detergents, it’s important to remove all traces of the product from your Quartz work surface as quickly as possible by wiping with a wet cloth and drying thoroughly. Products like Bar Keepers Friend Stain Remover are so effective that it can be tempting to overuse them but don’t give in to temptation.

I recommend using stain removing products only when they are absolutely necessary and I always try the non chemical approach before resorting to these.

Although the occasional application of stain removers won’t cause any long-term damage to your Quartz worktop, using these too often will almost certainly end up eroding the surface and could lead to porousness, loss of shine and discolouration.

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Final thoughts

You’ve probably spent a lot of time and money picking out and purchasing your new Quartz worktop. Quartz can transform a kitchen space, bringing new life to old kitchen units and an injection of contemporary style into any decor scheme.

You’ve made a great choice and hopefully, you love your new countertops as much as I love mine.

With a little care and regular maintenance, your Quartz surfaces will look as good in many years time as they do today. Quartz will outlast granite, marble and wood surfaces by decades and if you treat it well, you’ll have it forever.

For me, the number one rule with Quartz is to avoid abrasion. Go softly and your Quartz worktop will reward you!

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