PurePap CPAP Sanitizer Review

We’re sure you have seen the adverts on TV or radio about the PurePap CPAP Cleaner.

They state that it is the  “faster, easier, more effective way to clean your CPAP”.

Not only this but the PurePap team also claim that the device kills 99% of germs and bacteria.

Their price point is great, under $100 bucks  (with current discount).

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… but does this machine actually live up to the claims their advertising campaign makes? 

Read on to find out …

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What is PurePAP CPAP Cleaner?

The PurePap CPAP sanitizer is the type of CPAP cleaner that use activated oxygen in order to sanitize your machine or mask. The company claims that it kills 99% of germs and bacteria  within only 30 minutes.

It is indeed one of the newer oxygen activated devices which allows a faster generation of O3 than earlier sanitizers in this category of cpap cleaners.

This is what give the PurePap the ability to automatically clean your CPAP device in the time in such a short time.

All of us CPAP users know that it is imperative to keep our CPAP equipment clean. No one wants to end up with a cold or even pneumonia by using an unsanitary CPAP tubingor masks.

This device can clean all of your CPAP gear, and unlike many competitors it includes (at no extra cost) an adapter to ensure that it is compatible with almost all makes and models of machines. 

All of this for a price under $100.

the pure pap cpap cleaner

Quick Summary

Price: $100 (whilst discounted)
Shipping Weight: 16 oz
Sanitation method: Activated oxygen
Guarantee: 30-day trial periodCheck Latest Price

How does the PurePap Cleaner Work?

When we received our product in the mail, it was pretty straightforwardto get up and running. There was nothing that had to be assembled or any headaches like that.

First, you need to disconnect the hose from your machine, then connect it to the PurePap. This is where the freeadapter comes in handy.

Next, get all your gear together (mask/hose) and zip it up into the sanitizing bag that comes with the sanitizer.

Finally, hit that start button (it take a few seconds to activate) and then cleaning cycle will begin. It takes around 30mins to fully complete the cleaning cycle.

PurePap Key Features:

  • Kills 99% of germs, bacteria and viruses
  • Automated cleaning process – in under 30 mins
  • Small and portable device – weights under 16oz
  • Compatible with almost all CPAP machines
  • Manufacturer offers full money back guarantee

How much does PurePAP cost?

The PurePAP is one of the well-priced CPAP cleaners on the market.

 Especially considering the PurePap is almost silent thanks to its superior motor, with almost double the power of some competitors. 

They include an adapter to fit with almost any device for free, and offer a full money back guarantee – this is a real steal.

We think this all round a great device, and there is a offer currently of almost 50% off:

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PurePap Cleaner Reviews


“Great little machine. It is super easy to use and compact enough to always take it with you if traveling. Considerably easier than doing a full cleaning of the hose, mask, and machine all the time. Couldn’t be happier with the purchase.”  Abus5


“Product came in quick and worked right out of the box. The adapter for the heater hose wasn’t very snug but after some great customer service, an adapter came in the mail and snugged up the connection and prevented any leaking. After that, the item has worked flawlessly. There is the normal ozone odor once it’s run the cycle but ensuring it airs out for an hour will fix that. Overall, great product and well worth the money” – PegH


“Extremely satisfied with this machine, and the company’s customer service. I use a CPAP every night, which means that it is very important that it be clean and safe. Prior to using this I was waking up with a lot of congestion. I was also having constant sinus issues. Two cleaning so far and each morning I woke up without the sinus issues. Originally I was a sceptic but now a true believer” – Sonic

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Conclusion and Recommendation

Recommended for:

  • CPAP users who need a sanitizer for both home and travel
  • People who struggle for time and don’t want to wait over 30mins for the cleaning process to complete
  • If you don’t want the hassle of buying filter or replacement parts

Not Recommended for:

  • People who don’t like the smell of ozone
  • CPAP users who are content with dismantling their masks every time they disinfect it

Would we recommend the PurePap device? Definitely

The fact that it is can kill 99% of the bad stuff you don’t want in your CPAP equipment is good enough for us to give it a thumbs up.

We think this is a great sanitizer all-round! It’s quick, small, and effective all at a great price point.

Not only that at the moment the manufacturer is offering a significant discount in addition to a free travel bag.

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