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When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing your CPAP machine, Sleep 8 CPAP cleaner is considered one of the best products. It eradicates over 99% of bacteria from your tubing system, resulting in a bacteria-free supplementary oxygen system that won’t cause you sickness from one use to another.

Doctors and sleep experts recommend that you clean your Cpap tubing regularly to avoid the hazards that are posed by bacteria, such as sinus complications, build up of mold and general sickness. Once you’ve used Sleep8, you can enjoy a clean and well-ventilated sleep.

But how do you use Sleep 8 cleaner? How can you apply it to your Cpap in the proper way, avoiding bacteria and giving you a cleaner, more restful sleep? What additional items do you need to apply sleep8 cpap cleaner in the most effective way possible?

Well, don’t worry sleepers, because we have compiled an easy-to-understand guide on how to use Sleep8 CPAP sanitizer on your machine, giving it the thorough sanitizing that it needs to get you back to bed for a worry-free 8 hours between the sheets.

What Is The Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner?

sleep8 cpap sanitizer

Sleep8 cleaner is a waterless Cpap sanitizer that you can carry around in your pocket. It has no additional cords, so you won’t need to plug it into the mains and it has a silent operation. Sleep 8 uses the same hygienic technology that you might find in a hospital, food hygiene and skincare industries.

The Sleep8 CPAP machine does not require any additional adaptors, effectively sanitizing all Cpap machines, whether they have heated or non-heated tubing operations. You only need to press one single button to start sanitation, it uses the force of active oxygen to sear right through the delicate tubes.

Once your Cpap machine is sanitized completely, the Sleep8 cpap sanitizer will shut off automatically, saving you on power and battery prices.

How Do You Use Sleep8 Sanitizer Machine?

The Sleep8 cleaner is a very compact unit that will sanitize your Cpap unit quickly and efficiently, requiring only connection to a filter bag system which is provided with the unit itself. Everything you need comes with your Sleep8 cleaning machine, including the USB power charging device.

To operate your Sleep8 sanitizer system accurately, you’ll only need to follow these few steps.

  • Connect the Cpap tubing to the inside of your Sleep8 filter bag.
  • Take your Cpap mask and place it in the bag with the zip closed.
  • Find the round valve on the outside of your bag and connect it to the tubing of your Cpap machine. You can also place all the other Cpap accessories that you want to be sanitized in this bag too.
  • Connect the port of your Sleep 8 cleaner onto the round valve on the outer housing of the bag. Once it is connected, you can press the button on your Sleep8 to begin the sanitation process.
  • You will hear a beeping sound to indicate that your machine is up and running. The Sleep8 machine will also light up. The light screen will tell you how long the machine has to sanitize.
  • Once the sanitation process is complete, the unit will turn off by itself.
  • When the unit has been deactivated, you’ll want to leave it roughly an hour before taking the components out of the bag.

Once you have followed these simple steps, you’ll find that your Cpap machine and any accessories will be completely sanitized.

But some people might find it difficult to understand the Sleep8 light screen and what it indicates during the sanitization process. 

couple sleeping with cpap machine

How To Use The Sleep8 Screen

To negotiate your way through the Sleep8 screen, all you have to do is note some of these indicators.

  • The battery icon – this indicates the lifespan of the battery. If you can see it is full, then the battery has 100% life, if it is half then it has 50% life and so on. A single battery charge will typically last you for 2 or 3 cycles.
  • Timer icon – this will indicate the time left for the sanitation process to completely deplete. Once this is complete, then the device will sound 5 times, followed by an okay symbol.
  • Fan icon – this icon will pulsate when the sanitation process is occurring.
  • O3 icon – this icon will confirm that the Sleep8 machine is satisfactorily connected to the bag. Once this is done, the sanitation process can begin properly. If there is an X symbol beside the O3 icon, then you have failed to connect the bag and the process will not begin.

To prevent the accumulation of potentially hazardous growth in your Cpap tubing and mask, you should ideally sanitize your equipment once a day. Bacteria have a habit of growing very quickly, especially in a warm and moist environment. You can guarantee that after one use, your Cpap machine will be rife with bacteria.

The most important items of your Cpap kit will be the tubing, the mask and the water chamber, as these will be areas that accrue the most bacteria and are all put into regular contact with the mouth.

cpap mask hose tube

When cleaning out the water tank, make sure that you remove the water first. Water should not be put in the filter bag as this will just cause further bacteria to spread in the sanitizing area.

The Sleep8 does not come with any additional adaptors and should sanitize most of the areas for your Cpap machine, whether they have heated tubing or not. You can easily store away the Sleep8 unit in your pocket and take it with you on vacation or if you move house.

The Sleep8 unit usually comes with a warranty of around 18 months on the official unit, whereas the charger comes with a 12-month warranty and the bag with a 90-day warranty. This will come in handy for those users who like to test their product extensively to make sure that it is working.

We hope that our Sleep8 breakdown will help you when you are using it to clean your Cpap unit. By following these instructions carefully, you should be able to get your sleep machine free of harmful bacteria. You can guarantee that after using Sleep8, you will have clear and pure oxygen therapy throughout the night.

Does the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner really work?

Sleep8 Reviews:

“Easy cleaning and everything smells fresh”

“This product makes cleaning my equipment so much easier and saves me a lot of time. When the cleaning is done, everything smells fresh and ready to use. I really like the way it smells. I’m very glad that I purchased this cleaning system and highly recommend it.” Jane Fritter

“Works great. Easy to use.”

“Wish the smell didn’t linger as long as it does, but I went and got a second set of tubes/mask – and rotate them – so it gives it time to air out before use.” Terri-Lyn Fassio

“Easy to use!”

“Easy to use and rechargeable. Allows to me to use it where ever I want. Large bag makes it easy to put mask, hose, and water reservoir in at the same time.” Millard Sykes

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