Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer Review

The Sleep 8 CPAP sanitizer is something I’d like to introduce to you. What is the CPAP sanitizer, though? By eradicating 99.9% of viruses, germs, and mold, these handy devices totally sanitize your CPAP mask, headpiece tubing, and water chamber.

Our Assessment of CPAP Cleaner Sleep8?

Instead of using water to clean and disinfect your CPAP equipment, the Sleep 8 uses activated oxygen or ozone. It’s vital to note that ozone never comes into touch with the CPAP machine.

But it’s the size of the Sleep 8 CPAP sanitizers that sets it apart from the competition. It’s quite light, weighing only 9.4 ounces, and it’s also very portable. So you can take it with you when you travel and use it at home or on the go.

Does The Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner Really Work?

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside the box. On top of the world. We’ve got the Sleep Aid on its own. The micro USB charger is also included. The Sleep8 Quick Start Guide as well as the Sleep8 filter bag are included. With normal use, the soft sealable filter bag should be replaced every three months.

The makers of sleep8 devised this compact soft travel case as an extra purchase that can neatly carry all of your sleep aid accessories at home or on the go.

Our Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner Review

Let’s get this party started. Simply attach the Sleep8 device to a known working outlet using the micro USB wire. Your sleep 8 will beep once when connected in, and the battery indicator will appear on the screen. The sleep8 can be used either plugged in or on battery power. It takes roughly 90 minutes to fully charge the device. So, before you start the sanitizing procedure, how does this work? Wipe down the cushion of your CPAP mask with a wipe to remove any residue. If you’re using a humidifier and sterilizing the water chamber, make sure it’s fully empty first. Leave your mask attached to the tube and connect the tube to the valve on the interior of the filter bag, making sure there’s no surplus water in there. There are no extra connections or parts required for the Sleep8 to work with most cpap tubes. Only the Dream station uses 12 millimeter tubing, which is narrower than regular CPAP tubing and necessitates the use of a mask adaptor to connect the tube to the filter bag. Seal the bag after you’ve inserted the mask tube and water chamber inside. You’ll see a triangle connector on the outside of the bag that connects directly to the Sleep8 Sanitizer. The device is attached, and the bag is closed. Press and hold the Sleep8 round power button until you hear a beep. The device timer will start counting down as soon as the screen turns on. The equipment is virtually silent when it starts the sanitation process. You may occasionally hear the fan speed up or see the filter bag inflate, but this is quite normal. The sanitation cycle is completed in about an hour during sanitation. When the gadget beeps, the screen will read okay, and the device will shut off. When the device goes off, you can open the bag and collect your gear. The Sleep Aid Sanitizer has a safety start feature, which means it won’t turn on unless it’s properly connected to the bag. The gadget will sound an alarm for 30 seconds, after which an X will display on the screen. To cancel the alert, simply push the power button. The sleep aid also has two other built-in alerts, including a fan failure alarm and a low battery alarm, to let you know if something is wrong with the gadget. Please contact Sleep Aid support if you have a band failure alarm. The Sleep Aid is the CPAP sanitizer for you if you’re seeking for a quick, effective, lightweight, and portable CPAP sanitizer.

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