LEEL Cleaner And Sanitizer

This is another one of our favorites, it’s small yet powerful with 8 cleaning cycles per charge activated simply by the press of a button.

The Top CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer uses an activated oxygen system (ozone) which has been proven to kill 99.9% of all germs, bacteria and other nasty microorganisms that you don’t want on your device.

Not only that but… it is unbelievably quiet during operation, easy to operate with a single click of a button and it so compact that it is suitable for your home, office and travel.

This manufacturer offers an 18 month warranty, but additionally a 30 day money back guarentee, so can try and if you don’t get along with it for whatever reason, simply get your money back.

This device has been indepedanlty lab tested to prove that it can kill 99% of germs within minutes, ensuring total peace of mind.


  • Free shipping
  • FCC and FDA registered and tested
  • Reliable all in one system
  • Long lasting charge
  • Kills all odours
  • One of the most compatible systems


  • Not covered by insurance
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